PICO Laser Technology

Remove Tattoo 2x Faster

We Help You Remove Unwanted Tattoos

More and more of us have tattoos today than ever before, though things don't always turn out as expected.

  • Your tastes may change
  • Your tattoo may not come out the way you wanted
  • You may regret the tattoo of your ex’s name
  • You may just want to lighten an old tattoo before getting a cover-up

Whatever the reason, we're here to help.


Remove Your Tattoo x2 Faster

PICO laser can achieve your desired tattoo removal outcome at twice the speed of conventional lasers. Tattoos consist of thousands of tattoo ink pigment suspended in the skin. While normal bodily functions can remove small foreign particles from the skin, tattoo ink pigments are permanent because they are too large to be removed naturally. PICO laser has all right technology to achieve your desired tattoo removal outcome.


PICO Laser Specification


The Discovery PICO laser has extremely high power capable to breaking down tattoo ink pigment into fine dust, making them extremely easy for your body to remove naturally. In comparison, conventional lasers that have limited power capable only of breaking the tattoo ink pigment into large granules that requires more time and tattoo removal sessions to achieve the same results.

Heat Generation

The conventional lasers are more concentrated but less powerful; they need to stay on longer to penetrate the skin.  This is why conventional laser treatments often leave your skin burnt during tattoo removal session, which may cause further problems down the line with more pigmentation forming. Discovery PICO Laser is able to more quickly penetrate the skin in a shorter period of time due to the increased power. This prevents the laser from heating up from long exposure periods on your skin and will not cause redness associated with conventional lasers post tattoo removal session.  Treatments are less painful and are able to recover in a much shorter period.

Laser Tip

Discovery PICO laser tip are in square shape which will ensure even distribution of power and no overlaps. Ensuring your tattoos are evenly removed. The PICO Laser boats advantages over existing tattoo removal options available today. Come experience our faster, more effective tattoo removal solution without the painful concerns. 



PICO Laser Technology

Remove Tattoo 2x Faster