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About ASC Skin & Laser

About Us

ASC Skin & Laser commits to service unlike any other skin clinic. We take pride in fundamentally improving and maintaining healthy, flawless skin. Our selection of skin treatments and our line of products focus on making long-lasting improvements on skin conditions as well as enhancing the skin’s innate beauty so that these benefits may be maintained.

We also provide all our client's with individual care and attention so that the best treatment experience may be achieved. We will prioritise your comfort and needs when you choose to partake in our services.



Our skin peel services allow you to strip away signs of ageing or other flaws in your complexion.

Skin Needling

Experience your body’s natural healing response in stimulated to treat scars or other imperfections.


The deep cleanse and product infusion will allow for more significant benefits to be reaped.

Vampire Facial (PRP)

A powerful and natural approach to skin rejuvenation using your body’s own cells.

Beauty is Not a Luxurious Imagination

Bring out the true beauty lies within you today

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Your Are Invited to Our Workshop!

Want to know the secrets to flawless skin? At 6 PM on 27th of March, we will be hosting a skin workshop with the experts from Ultraceutical and Ultra MD. For more information, please give ...
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It’s Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas! We want to share with you this message of love and joy! Thank you for being such a great customers! You will receive a 20% OFF on our entire range of Ultraceutical and ...
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